Get eegg by hatching & bonus by stake
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EOS 5% of the total bonus pool is distributed at 12 o'clock every day
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  • Note: It takes 24 hours to release the pledge, and the eegg in the redemption does not enjoy the dividend.
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    The total circulation of EEGG is 30 million, and 100% are used for hatching eggs. EEGG token holders can receive dividends. As EEGG tokens are distributed, the distribution ratio will be gradually decreased. The sooner they participate, the more dividends will be obtained for the EEGG tokens. The amount of tokens is limited. Offer is subject to availability. Hurry to participate in hatching! Strive for more EEGG tokens in exchange for more dividends in the future!

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    0 eeggs are remained in Stage 0

    Stage Percent EEGG Multiple
    Stage 1 0%-5% 0-150万 100
    Stage 2 5%-10% 150-300万 70
    Stage 3 10%-20% 300-600万 50
    Stage 4 20%-30% 600-900万 20
    Stage 5 30%-50% 900-1500万 10
    Stage 6 50%-70% 1500-2100万 5
    Stage 7 70%-100% 2100-3000万 1